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10 Reasons Why ISO 9001 Certification Is Beneficial for an Organization

Highly recognized and widely accepted quality management standard in the world, ISO 9001 helps organizations to seamlessly manage and control quality across all operations. International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001) is well within the range of ISO 9000 standards, and, suitable for organizations of all sizes and sectors.

This certification is not only a job of the quality department. In fact, it is a continuous ongoing process that encompasses the entire organization and requires buy-in from senior management to ensureĀ Asesoria en ISO 9001 that it is followed extensively across all departments. To get duly recognized and certified as an ISO 9001 company, your organization must meet the regulatory norms and requirements of the standards conforming to Quality Management System.

Some of the advantages of having ISO 9001 certification are:

1) Customer service: Noticeably happy customers, as well as, customer retention and loyalty for redundant visits, are signs of optimum customer service.

2) Savings on cost: With an international standard applicable, organizations can incur cost savings by optimizing operations and allocating resources effectively.

3) Enhanced market share: Increased market share and revenue via pliable and prompt response to business opportunities are ongoing benefits of ISO 9001 certification.

4) Accessibility to new markets: Increased credibility and competitiveness in the market safeguards organizations from trade barriers and opens up new opportunities globally.

5) Prompt problem solving: Errors can be caught in earlier stages of the process and rectified with minimal costs. The possibility of future defects is also minimized and even if they do crop up, fixing them would be much faster.

6) Distinguished name in the marketplace: ISO 9001 endorsement will help build brand credibility and earn the organization a distinguished position in the market.

7) Easy to use: Documented procedures and steps helps identifying procedures that are either inefficient or become obsolete. Also, documentation of procedures makes it a lot easier for employees to follow.

8) Environmental safety: International standards, curb negative impacts on the environment. Standardization on air, water, soil, gas emission, radiation and environmental aspects of products are conducive to the preservation of the environment as well as the health of citizens.

9) Societal benefits: Products conforming to ISO 9001 standards imply reliability and good quality. ISO standards on road safety, children’s toys, medical packaging etc., are some examples that denote how international standards make the world a better and safer place to live in.

10) Advantage to the Government: ISO standards serve as a valuable resource for Government while drafting public policies. Since experts create ISO standards, the Government has the clear advantage of getting an expert opinion without having to resort to their direct services. Also, ISO 9001 integration into Government policies ensures that the prerequisites of import and export are uniform worldwide, thus initiating movement of goods, services, and technology from one country to another.

Updated: April 15, 2018 — 3:02 pm

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